Menu for July 21, 2023

July 21, 2023by Kate

This week, we offer meals celebrated by customers over the first few weeks in business. For those of you who reached out to let us know that the meal was delicious, fun, something they never would have tried, we thank you, and we offer some of those meals up again. Whether you want to relive that savory experience, try something you missed the first time, or are new and feel better about trying something you know others have already enjoyed, this week’s for you. 

Please consider sharing meals you like on Facebook, Instagram, or with us directly and we’ll note that for the next time we offer a round of fan favorite fun. 

This week’s ordering window on Blue Hill FarmDrop is open now, and it closes at midnight on Monday! 

May your selections be hard, your cooking be fun, and your appetites be satisfied. Cheers!


 Gluten free pasta available, and tamari can be substituted for soy sauce.


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