Menu for October 27, 2023

October 28, 2023by Kate

Maine is a state of helpers, healers, supporters, connectors, listeners… it’s filled with super people with super powers. E.B. White asserted that he would rather feel bad in Maine than feel good anywhere else. This week has been a real test, and while it’s inconceivable that something so abhorrent could happen here (I know, it’s a common refrain, a trope), the response of the community here fortifies the sentiment in a way that awes me. Strength, comfort, and love to those grieving.

I don’t have any creative ideas on grand helpful gestures; for now may I recommend you support the victims and their families directly through GoFundMe verified fundraisers.

Meanwhile, I hope it’s a positive, comforting routine for you to find this week’s meal kit options. 

Farm & Fish is available through three FarmDrop Market Hubs:

  • Blue Hill (with pickups and home delivery available in Belfast/Northport, Brooksville, Brooklin, Castine, Blue Hill, and Bucksport). 
  • MDI
  • Deer Isle

They are all open now, and they close at midnight on Monday.

May your selections be hard, your cooking be fun, and your appetites be satisfied. 
Be safe,


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