Menu for September 29, 2023

September 29, 2023by Kate

It’s fall! This week is bringing warmer hues to the trees – and also some hazy crazy sunsets due to the wildfires to our North. 

This week also brought some welcome publicity. Did you see the blurb in The Ellsworth American? I didn’t. I learned about it after a friend mentioned it over coffee; no spit-take, but there was a squeal.

The awareness through channels like Stroll and The Ellsworth American are so appreciated, but nothing is more helpful (and heartwarming) than when y’all tell your friends. There are many reasons to talk about Farm & Fish…

  • the focus on local sourcing…
  • the real ingredients…
  • the commitment to minimal plastic packaging (and a longer term goal of bypassing the waste stream altogether!)…
  • the convenience of proportioned ingredients…
  • weekly selections that fend off supper slumps…
  • exposure to new recipes…
  • control over the dish (saltiness, spiciness, done-ness, etc. – it’s your way, every time)…
  • an opportunity to vote with your dollars (you’re voting for Maine, for small business, for healthy diets, for your food-producing neighbors)

What did I miss? Tell me

Farm & Fish is available through three FarmDrop Market Hubs:

  • Blue Hill (with pickups and home delivery available in Belfast/Northport, Brooksville, Brooklin, Castine, Blue Hill, and Bucksport). 
  • MDI
  • Deer Isle

They are all open now, and they close at midnight on Monday! 

May your selections be hard, your cooking be fun, and your appetites be satisfied. Cheers!


PS There’s a tempeh taco recipe available too, but I don’t have a picture of it yet…


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