Week of June 19, 2023

June 14, 2023by Kate

<Gulp> Here we go!

It’s June 2023, and we are presenting our first-ever Farm & Fish menu.

Symbols are as follows (these are identified for your convenience, but if any severe allergies, please check and check again before any contact):

  • V = vegetarian
  • VGN = vegan
  • ! = entrée includes at least one of the FDA’s nine major food allergens (kitting is all done in a facility where all nine allergens are present, so cross-contamination isn’t impossible). Scroll to the table below to see which allergen(s) and if we can substitute on our end. Even if an entrée has an allergen for which we don’t have a substitute, you can still request that kit and opt to omit or swap in your own substitute at home (e.g. you could get the pizza kit and use your own gluten free crust).

One additional disclaimer: the images below may not exactly reflect the ingredients t in your kit. Depending on availability, reasonable (my version of “reasonable,” which hopefully you come to trust!) substitutions may be made.

This menu would not be possible without the creativity of and thorough vetting by Beth and Carrie, the creative and talented minds at Local Baskit. Local Baskit, a local meal kit service based in Hopkinton, NH is the inspiration for Farm & Fish. My full-time working household relied heavily on Local Baskit’s delicious meals and convenient kits for many of our Manchester years. With that history, I know a menu with Local Baskit content represents a delicious variety of entrees. I hope you agree!

I knew the move to Maine would be bitter-sweet: sweet that I was coming home, bitter in that there are so many people and parts of my NH chapter I miss. Local Baskit would have been one of them, but Beth has been a huge help in my figuring out how to bring the locally sourced meal kit experience home with me (yes, I’ll be my own customer). I’m so grateful for her coaching, mentorship, and support.

Want to try some kits? Online ordering starts on FarmDrop at 8am on Friday, June 23. FarmDrop is an online farmers market with a wide range of delicious local goodies available – and delivery to pickup locations in Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Belfast/Northport, and Castine (or you can have your order delivered to an address in 04421, 04614, 04616, 04676, 04684, 04476, 04617, 04642, or 04629). You can prepare anytime by creating a FarmDrop account (if you don’t have one) and setting your preferences. Once ordering opens, select your Farm & Fish kits, add any other FarmDrop items to your cart, and check out by 11:59pm on Monday, June 26. Your first FarmDrop order will arrrive Wednesday afternoon, June 28 (exact pickup windows/delivery times vary by location).

May your selections be hard, your cooking be fun, and your appetites be satisfied. Cheers!

a table indicating which entrees contain allergens

1. Egg free pasta available. 2. Gluten free pasta available. 3. Gluten free pasta and panko available. 4. Gluten free English muffins available.


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