dietary considerations

While Farm & Fish kits are assembled in facilities that process all kinds of foods, including common allergens, for customers that have forgiving sensitivities, we seek to accommodate in two ways: 

  1. Menu items include an exclamation point if any of the common nine allergens (according to the FDA) are present in the meal. A subsequent table details which allergens present in different entrees. Customers can use this to inform their kit selections. 
  2. If a customer with an allergen wants a meal that includes an ingredient to which they’re sensitive, reasonable accommodations are made (e.g. a customer with a gluten allergy selects a dish made with farro can receive rice as a substitute, however a lactose intolerant subscriber who selects a macaroni and cheese dish is likely asked to make another selection).

If you place an order and need us to be aware of any dietary considerations, please let us know at

leaves of fresh spinach


Farm & Fish meal kits make cooking enjoyable and easy, with fresh ingredients and simple recipes that result in wholesome meals made in your kitchen, for your table. Order with confidence knowing that you will eat well.


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