thoughtful packaging

containers are a big part of our small waste goal…

At Farm & Fish, we look forward to packing ingredients in quality, reusable containers. Currently, the Maine Food Code does not permit food vendors to provide goods in packaging that’s meant to be returned, washed, and sanitized for reuse. While the code allows for customer provided containers in the context of using one’s travel mug to refuel at a coffee shop, there’s little more than accommodation for customer owned containers being refilled by customers.

We think Maine deserves better, and we worked with our representatives and other organizations in Maine to enable food vendors to reuse packaging in their distribution model. This work has manifested in a bill that was recently signed by Governor Mills. There’s still some time before the Maine Food Code is updated… until we can offer high quality stainless steel and glass portion containers, we’re committed to using compostable, fiber-based packaging where possible, and only using single-use plastics where necessary. You’re welcome to add the compostable containers to your own compost pile or use a commercial composter near you (we use Chickadee Compost). 

an array of portioned ingredients, mostly in fibrous, compostable packaging

our bill became a law!!!


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