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Ellsworth American

Thanks to the customers who shared their experiencethrough the grapevine...

The tofu from Farm and Fish this week was very tasty. The kit had a choice of chicken or tofu. I had the tofu and was delighted… interesting to eat, lots of flavor, a crunchy crust, and a little bit of heat. Good Job! (F&F Note: the tofu was by Heiwa in Rockport)

– Tofu Fan

I like the reduced amount of packaging. I like the fish choices.

– Seafood & Environment Lover

Not having to answer the life-long endless question, at least for one evening: What’s for dinner? Farm and Fish has provided me with many options to chose from. The very high quality of the ingredients, and their results. Very generous servings.

– Sufferer of Decision Fatigue

The recipes have all really impressed me. They were easy to make, tasted like they took far more effort than I actually put in, and the local ingredients are the delicious cherry on top — they just taste better.

– Experience Appreciator

The meal kit was a successful experience because it was so well organized with quality food and packaging. I found the recipes satisfying, easy to prepare, and generous in portions.

– Quality Connoisseur

I’m someone that loves to cook, but actually I’m not that great at it, and following recipes and buying the ingredients for it all feels like too much effort. With Farm & Fish she has sourced as many ingredients from the local farms I want to support, she has selected delicious recipes, and she has portioned out all the ingredients so I don’t have to think how many celery stalks chopped equals a cup. Those kinds of details hurt my relationship to my brain.
– Simplicity Buff


Farm & Fish meal kits make cooking enjoyable and easy, with fresh ingredients and simple recipes that result in wholesome meals made in your kitchen, for your table. Order with confidence knowing that you will eat well.


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