Menu for November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023by Kate

This week we incorporate a new element to the Farm & Fish experience. The monkfish is relatively easy, a lower price, and will be on the menu for the foreseeable future (will learn/pivot based on popularity and customer feedback/reactions). The idea is that there’s an option that doesn’t change, that customers can count on, and could be integrated into a weekly routine (we always had fish on Fridays, so I thought we could start there). 

Farm & Fish is available through three FarmDrop Market Hubs:

  • Blue Hill (with pickups and home delivery available in Belfast/Northport, Brooksville, Brooklin, Castine, Blue Hill, and Bucksport). 
  • MDI
  • Deer Isle

They are all open now, and they close at midnight on Monday.

May your selections be hard, your cooking be fun, and your appetites be satisfied. (and don’t forget to let your devices turn all your clocks back 😉 )



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